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One stop solution for your online academic assistance and tutoring needs for only $15 per page.


As a student, Bezern.com is the best resource you could have at your disposal to assist you with your studies and in handling your assignments with both tutors and a large database of questions, answers and essays available. We offer online tutoring assistance for all students through a Question and Answer (Q&A) system. This is a based on our research that demonstrating that Q&A was simply the most effective system available of online tutoring. Live video chats can easily be interrupted by network and hardware issues and lack the permanence of a step by step document. A student using our package effectively gets studying materials and a revision guide in his or her particular topic. We also attach grammar and plagiarism reports for quality assurance purposes.

What You Get When Working With Us

  • A Comprehensive Assignment Package

    Instead of just providing a sample of your assignment we want to make sure that you develop a greater understanding of the topic and by extension your unit. So we add an outline of your work and a step by step guideline of how your assignment was solved and how to do it yourself in the future.

  • Excellent Scores

    While no promises can be made regarding the grading of your assignments (that will depend on your professor) we can assure you that over 93% of our clients report an A or its equivalent in their work.

  • Top Quality Tutors

    Each and every one of our tutors has been selected and vetted on their specialty. And each tutor can only handle the subjects and course units that they have been approved for. This means that your work will only be handled by a qualified tutor. The assignment will also be counterchecked by our dedicated support for any errors and mistakes.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have 15 dedicated support staff who work around the clock in case you run into any issues. The support also reviews and counterchecks any work that has been submitted by a tutor. This means that you can expect your concerns to be handled immediately without any fuss. The support is available through the live chat here at the website, and through the email "support@bezern.com"

  • Zero Lateness

    We never deliver late work. All work is delivered on time without exception. If any lateness is noted, a refund is arranged for the client. If the work cannot be delivered on time we immediately inform the client before the work begins. Requests for time extensions are only allowed in emergencies.

  • Zero Plagiarism

    The work done is always Unique and Original with an attached plagiarism report. This means that you can check your work for any plagiarism upon delivery. You no longer have to worry about your work being plagiarized anymore.

  • Superior to Competitors

    When compared to our competitors Bezern.com is superior to them in every way. Most of the homework and assignment assistance websites use poor quality tutors such as second language tutors who deliver poor quality help, filled with plagiarism and grammatical errors. On the other hand, we not only have the best tutors we have a solid quality assurance department that reviews the tutors work for errors and plagiarism.

" We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better."
- Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman, and Chief executive officer of Amazon.com

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My New Fav Site

These guys are epic, not a single lateness or plagiarism, and they attach the reports. Keep it up guys!


University of King's College

Best price selection

And to imagine I had been paying over $30 per page for poor quality work. Bezern got half the price for double the quality.



Good Work

Bezern.com is perfect for me, no more no less


Phoenix University

I owe my mate a beer

Introduced to this website by a friend and I have not looked back. For two months these guys have not disappointed me. Always on time and perfect work, what more could a guy ask for?


University of King's College

Tutors for everything

Bezern seems to have tutors for every course and every unit. Me and my friends all get specialized assistance even though we are all taking different units in different universities.


University of Manitoba


I discovered Bezern.com almost too late (my last semester in college) but they really made a differnce in my studies. I was getting overwhelmed because I had to study and plan ahead. Thanks a lot.


University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus

Best tutors I have ever seen

You selected the tutors for me eliminating the need for all that stressful selection of tutors who ultimately disappoint. And your tutors know their business, my accounting assignment was given a perfect score.


Ashford University

No Delays or Lateness

I was almost giving up on the online tutoring and assignment help. The tutors would just straight up vanish with no explanations. At Bezern, sometimes I don't even check the account and the guidelines are emailed to me.


National University College

Thumbs Up for the Support (Frank)

I had an urgent assignment with no clue on how to start. Frank got me through the registration process, found a tutor for me and even emailed me when everything was done. Totally worth it. I am now Bezern.com greatest saleman to my friends... LOL


University of Birmingham
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